Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It was the night before Christmas..

Otherwise known as the night before a long trip. Mind a buzz with remaining logistical challenges, gear lists, to-do lists, and anticipation.

FASTLAYNE (aka Joe Stylos), arrived in the early afternoon. He flew out here to join me on this adventure and put his hardened legs to good use. Seeing as he just completed a bike ride across America and a 100 mile hike on the ole' AT, that means taking on the noble task of sherpa and body guard.

We were able to successfully register my car and get to the Backpacker offices just in time to hear about the recent major changes to the trip and pick up a box load full of gear. Christmas! Now sing with me!

"On the day before the trip,
my map editor gave to me,
a 7-lb tent,
two sleeping bags,
one North Face pack
and arms full of geeeeaaar!"

Ahem. And so we did what good gear testers do. We tromp out to the back yard, erect the tent and prey that it will stand up to 5 weeks of pre-winter weather in Yellowstone.

As the night wore on, among laughter and joy, we reminisced about times on the trail, pulling up images of trees and flowers and things long past. House mates began heading to bed and soon FASTLAYNE had departed for the cocooned comfort of down and waterproof nylon. When all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse the time ticks away! Maps and code fill my screen! Websites, update, edit, update! And now the shiny new Google MyMap sits proudly atop the page.

It is once again time for me. My head on pillow and eyes losing the fight. To this I bid you, a wonderful and cheery Goodnight.

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